US$ 88.99 Billion Sales 2014


Amazon & ebay are the fastest selling online product sales market places on the internet.

Did You Know:

Net Sales Revenue of Amazon

2013 $74.45 Billion => 2014 $88.99 Billion

Thats an annual increase of  20%!


Is Your Product on Amazon?

Would you like to be selling on a marketplace which people trust?

Did you know Amazon has 300 million credit card details on file.


Selling Successfully On Amazon

People trust Amazon so are quicker to make a purchase.

  • 237 million active customer accounts globally (2014)
  • 68.6% of smartphone owners use an Amazon app (8/10/13)
  • 1 billion items shipped from Amazon market place sellers in 2013
  • 126 items sold per second, 7,548 per minute, 452,899 an hour, 10.8 million items sold a day!
  • 2 million Amazon marketplace sellers (9/1/13)
  • average 500 items sold/seller/year


Purple Promotions Offer the Following Options:

  • Set up your Amazon market place shop for you and manage your listings.
  • Set up your Amazon market place shop for you to manage
  • If you already have an Amazon account, we can make recommendations to improve your listings and ultimately increase sales.


ebay-logo2A Great Online Shop, ebay!

Im always surprised how many companies ignore ebay to sell their products. There seems to be a misconception that ebay is just for selling used items. Yes, it has a very vibrant market place for what i would prefer to call, recycling. However it has also evolved into a busy market place for new and branded products. You will find many well known household names selling on ebay such as French Connection, Argos, Sony, Office Shoes etc.

  • $75.3 billion merchandise sold in 2012
  • Ebay has 155.2 million active buyers (2014)

Like Amazon, ebay has built trust with its buyer and sellers over the last few years. It still has a strong auction element to its sales, however 70% of its sales are buy it now fixed price.

Let us help you set up your ebay branded shop, and we can manage your selling process for you.

If you just have a few items only to sell, we also sell on your behalf on ebay, Amazon, Etsy and Gumtree for 30% of agreed sales price, plus ebay fees. Items we have recently sold on behalf of our clients include: pedicure chair, cafe refrigeration unit, catering hot plate & office desk.

If you prefer we do consider selling some items for you on a regular basis for an agreed commission fee, however please note, like a high street shop sales figures are not guaranteed. We do however ensure your products are listed for the best possible sale opportunity. Products we have recently sold for commission include: Tesla mobile phone EMF protection tags, grounding bed sheets & ice skates.

Call Jo now to start your Amazon/Ebay shop: 07738 643 824