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Is your website mobile friendly? 

We are now in an era where websites need to look good and be functional on home computers, laptops, smartphones and tablets.

Did you know that 50% of all internet searches are now completed on mobile phones?

As a business you need to ensure your website is mobile friendly.

This example illustrates a mobile friendly website for an Australian fabric manufacturer  whose buttons link to a map and a tap to call button. It is branded and additionally has a link to their main site.

The tap to call button is important as often when people are searching on a mobile they don’t have access to a pen and paper to write a contact number down, with tap to call they literally tap the button and it will ring the number.

When customers browse on a mobile they are usually look for immediate information rather than a casual browsing experience.



Number Of People Using Desktop v Mobile

Local Garage: potential customers want to be able to have quick access to your location, opening hours, services you offer and how to contact you. May be their car has broken down so they want to ring you immediately to have it fixed.

Restaurant: they either want to ring to make a reservation, see the menu  e.g. is it vegetarian friendly, check location, find directions, read reviews, check availability.

Skin Care Company: that sells products online, the customer wants to be able to easily check the product is what they are looking for and purchase through their mobile easily. They may not remember your site when they get home to purchase through a computer.

Daily Device Search Statistics UK

Daily Device Preference

Carpet Company: location, opening hours and contact details are important. They generally want to visit the shop, and check you are local.

Hotel: customer are either looking to book a room or they have booked a room and looking for directions. Hence phone number, quick room availability and hotel directions are key.

When searching websites on a mobile you want to be able to access information quickly.

At Purple Promotions we will integrate your website so it is mobile friendly.

Mobile Text Message Marketing

Mobile Text Message Marketing

Nearly 100% of all text messages received are opened. Compared to 20% of emails.

This creates a massive opportunity for your business to target your clients through mobile text messaging.

You can use mobile marketing text messaging services to promote: events, offers, last minute opportunities, reminders…..

  • A hotel can use it to promote special deals eg valentine bookings, new years parties, or even low season offers.
  • Restaurant can use to promote special monthly offer eg 2 for price of 1 evening meal on a Monday pre 8pm
  • Retailer can use to promote sale  eg M&S use this with great success
  • Events company can use to remind the customer of their booking and to promote future events.


We offer mobile marketing for all types of businesses be it a local or global business, a service or product, or even an events.  
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