Purple Promotions

Purple Promotions helps businesses and individuals market themselves online successfully.

With the rise in social media, having a strong online presence is now more important than ever. Social media such as Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, YouTube, Twitter and Linkedin all generate a “recommendation” market place and rather than a fancy brochure, businesses now need to communicate with their potential and existing clients in a new way.

Jo Ward, the founder of Purple Promotions has built a strong online reputation and has an  network that connects her with the top online industry specialists. This enables her clients to be kept informed of the latest online trends and changes within the industry.

Clients Include:

  • Local Businesses:
    • Car Garage
    • Restaurant
    • Beauty & Massage
    • Holiday Let Business
    • B&B
    • Cafe
    • Newsagent
  • Corporate:
    • Forex Trading
    • International Textiles Group
  • Entrepreneurs:
    • Tax Liens Expert
    • Life Coach
    • Healer
    • Healthy Water Specialist
    • Author
    • Yoga Teacher
    • Light Therapist
    • Designer Shoe Entrepreneur
    • Tesla Technology Supplier
    • Alternative Health Business
    • Flower Essence Maker
As well as building a successful online presence for her clients, Purple Promotions specialises in brand development and online marketing communications strategy.