The Team

Jo Ward

Jo is founder & CEO of Purple Promotions. Jo brings corporate marketing and pr experience from 15 years in the fashion industry, where she travelled globally raising brand awareness and implementing innovative marketing strategies.

Jo’s passion for community has resulted in creating websites for local businesses and managing an online membership site teaching local businesses and web designers how to build lead generating websites.

Jos effervescent personality has even resulted in her being flown from UK to Australia for online corporate website project that included corporate filming, mobile websites and staff interviews.

Jos passon for social media and in particular facebook has given her the knowledge to integrate social media with websites for online business success.

Jos passions include dog walking, leylines and complementary therapy.


Rob Zappone

Rob utilises his experience to build websites for local businesses. Rob is known for his attention to detail and his online website tricks to make web building easy and effective to create leads for local businesses.

Being Italian, Robs passion includes Italian food, which inspired him to create a successful online website & ebook teaching people how to build pizza ovens.



Nicholas Haley

Nicks interests are property investing, forex trading, investments, analysis of the retail market in investments and internet marketing.

Nick has global experience and cultural understanding having lived throughout the world including Singapore, China, France, Holland, Turkey, Germany, Spain, Iran, Iraq, and now resides in the UK.

Nick worked in the the petrochemical industry for 40 years and during this time he built up a property portfolio in London. Nicks online expertise is creating online products, content creation, book writing and blogging in the financial and investment markets.