SEO Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation known as SEO helps your website to be found by the search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo.

The main search engine in the UK is Google, hence it is key for your website to be optimised to be listed on Google and for your website to be found by prospective customers.

In order to be found by the search engines your website needs to be search engine optimised (SEO) for the keywords you want to be found for in Google. You will often have more than 1 keyword and hence we will advice you on the keywords that are most suitable for your business and the keywords customers are currently using in their web searches.

SEO Example For Local Thai Massage Business:

A local thai massage shop based in Windsor would want to be on page 1 of Google when people type in the phrase “Thai Massage Windsor” into Google search.

Google_SEOCurrently statistics show that on average 390 potential customers type in the phrase “Thai Massage Windsor” a month. On average 50% of clicks go for the top listing on google, hence 195 people would click the website as it listed on the top of Google due to our SEO services.

This gives the client a potential 195 new customers a month and a potential revenue of £10k based on each potential customer booking a 1 hour massage at £50.

Below is a Thai Massage shop in Windsor that uses our SEO services.


For local businesses many people type in the town, postcode and county for the service they are looking for, hence if your business offers local services such as garage, carpets, plumbing, massage we would recommend your website is optimised for the local area you serve.

Google regularly change their algorithms so it important to keep on top of website SEO for your business hence we offer a monthly website maintenance package that includes SEO.

SEO Example For Local Garage:

This is an example of SEO maintenance by  Purple Promotions of a local business for a garage servicing the cars in Richmond area. Every month on average 110 people search for the phrase “richmond tyres.” As you can see this is a competitive keyword and other local garages have to pay Google to be advertised on the front page. This costs the company £1.03/click. For a garage an average customer spend would be about £250/visit.

Garages have high customer loyalty so once the customer has experienced the service they are likely to be regular customers. The monthly SEO maintenance for this company is important to keep natural page 1 listings.


It is also important to note that the time it takes for Google to recognise your keyword varies immensely and SEO is more an art than a science. For certain keywords such as in the competitive weight loss market the competition is fierce and hence Google position for your keyword can not be guaranteed.

Our services include identifying the keywords for your business, analysing the data to ascertain the number of current searches for each keyword and the level of competition for your keyword.

We will then optimise your website for SEO including content, image and onsite link SEO, plus offsite SEO.

 We offer SEO services for all types of businesses be it a local service or global product. For SEO services for your business please contact Jo at Purple Promotions: 07738 643 824